Franciscans International is an international non-governmental organisation advocating at the United Nations for the promotion, protection, and respect of human rights, social rights, and environmental justice. 


A global community in which the dignity of every person is respected, resources are shared equitably, the environment is sustained, and nations and peoples live in peace.


We are a Franciscan voice at the UN protecting the vulnerable, the forgotten, and the wounded earth through advocacy.


Since its establishment in 1989, FI uses advocacy as a tool to combat and curb human rights abuses.  Advocacy, from the latin ad-vocare (to appeal, to invoke), is a process that aims to influence political decisions.  It is the act of pleading or arguing in favour of a group of peoples’ rights, causes, ideas, or policies. FI understands advocacy as a means to amplify the voices of the marginalised.

We believe human rights standards must be at the heart of all political processes, in particular those related to development, poverty eradication, and the environment.

FI’s advocacy work consists of three main objectives:

Influencing policy-makers to bring about concrete change

Denouncing human rights abuses and raising awareness about them

Mobilising partners to participate in decisions that affect them

We divide our work between Thematic Priorities and Regional Programmes.


From its offices in Geneva and New York, FI works with grassroots movements and both national and international civil-society organisations, to advocate for structural changes addressing the root causes of injustice.  We rely on the expertise and first-hand information gathered from a large network of partners working with vulnerable communities worldwide, to ensure that the voices of the most marginalised are heard at international level.  FI has general consultative status at the UN, and therefore harnesses the UN system to achieve change at international, national and local levels.