Violence Against the Shuar People of Ecuador

Churches & Mining Network Issues Statement

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FI is Hiring a Communications Officer!


Title: Communications Officer

Department: Institutional Development

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Reports to: Institutional Development Manager


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LGBTI Rights & Integrity of HRC: FI Statement

The Human Rights Council's integrity and authority is being threatened by a group of States who want to indefinitely defer the mandate and work of the...

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Multinational Corporations Need to Be Held Accountable to their Human Rights Obligations!

Multinational corporations continue to perpetrate human rights and environmental abuses through their activities in the countries where they operate,...

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Democratic Republic of the Congo: End Repression Against Dissident Voices and Ensure Democratic Elections

The Democratic Republic of the Congo finds itself at an important crossroads: President Joseph Kabila’s second term is coming to an end on 19 December...

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Filipino Community Workers Discuss Ways to Empower Those Affected by the Negative Impacts of Mining

The adoption of the Philippines Mining Act in 1995 opened up the proliferation of mining permits handed to foreign corporations. The Act facilitates...

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World Social Forum: Delegation of Franciscans Will Speak Up for Communities Affected by Mining and Extreme Poverty

Franciscans International and Romans VI (the Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation group of the Franciscan Family) are sending a team of 15...

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Residents in one of Nairobi's Largest Informal Settlements Make Plans to Address the Violations of their Rights

Mukuru, Nairobi, is one of Kenya’s largest informal settlements. It counts over 100 000 residents and is characterised by poor drainage and sewage...

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Philippines: Implement Your Indigenous Peoples Rights Act!

The Philippines have been suffering from the consequences of aggressive extractive industry and the numerous human rights violations that are linked...

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Migrant Crisis in Central America: Mexico Needs to Protect Migrants in its Territory

The refugee crisis in Central America is serious: it is estimated that 400 000 people transit from Mexico to the United States annually. Mexico’s...

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