FI’s work in Asia-Pacific countries is divided into three main sub-regions: South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific.  With poverty remaining one of the biggest challenges in the region, the Asia Pacific Programme addresses the impact of development projects (mining, logging and plantation) on the human rights of indigenous and local communities. Special attention is given to the negative impacts of climate change on the full enjoyment of human rights, especially in countries prone to climate disasters in the Pacific.  The Asia-Pacific program also responds to emerging issues related to human mobility from a human rights perspective, focusing on asylum seekers, refugees, migrant workers and victims of trafficking.

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Filipino Community Workers Discuss Ways to Empower Those Affected by the Negative Impacts of Mining

The adoption of the Philippines Mining Act in 1995 opened up the proliferation of mining permits handed to foreign corporations. The Act facilitates...

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Philippines: Implement Your Indigenous Peoples Rights Act!

The Philippines have been suffering from the consequences of aggressive extractive industry and the numerous human rights violations that are linked...

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Governments Should Preserve The Fundamental Rights Of Indigenous People

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Detention on Manus Island is Illegal

PNG's Supreme Court Rules the Dentention of Asylum Seekers on Manus Island to be Illegal

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Violations Against Indigenous Peoples

Put an End to State-Complicity!

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Close Down Offshore Detention Centres For Asylum Seekers

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Human rights abuses on Manus Island

“I do not want your understanding, I want you to do something,” - detainee on Manus Island

This is the sentence that changed everything for Carol, a...

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West Papua: Targeted Killing of Indigenous Papuan Youth Needs To Stop

With the endorsement of 14 local, national, and international NGOs, Franciscans International submitted an urgent appeal to the UN regarding the...

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Churches and Mining Network Meets with Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (PCJP) coordinated with the Churches and Mining group to arrange a meeting in Rome with representatives...

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