Regional Programmes

In close connection to its advocacy on global policies, FI addresses country-specific human rights violations in Africa, Americas, and Asia-Pacific, by using the UN human-rights mechanisms.

We respond to the firsthand accounts of human rights abuses raised by our local and national partners. Across the regions we focus on  development policies and extractive-industry megaprojects that cause a series of devastating and foreseeable human and environmental harms;   persecution  of  environmental activists and human-rights defenders that challenge these patterns of harms; the persistent denial of communities’ basic rights in connection to extreme poverty and marginalization – including the rights to housing, food, water, and public participation; and the systemic violations of civil and political rights of vulnerable populations, especially women, children, migrants, and refugees.

FI regional programmes seek to mobilize partners working at the local and national levels to leverage the UN system in order to influence national policies for concrete change.  For this, we structure our country-specific advocacy work mainly around UN Human Rights monitoring bodies and mechanisms, such as the Human Rights Council, the Universal Periodic Review, Treaty Bodies, and Special Procedures. 

FI’s Regional Programmes prioritise engagement of key networks of Franciscan, inter-congregational, and other civil society partners working at the grassroots, national, and regional levels in international advocacy work. This ensures the follow-up and ongoing monitoring at local and national levels of our international interventions. Participating in these networks also gives us insight into how to ensure meaningful impact in the countries concerned.