Farewell, dear Sr. Odile

After dedicating nine years to bringing Franciscan values and voices to the United Nations, Sister Odile Coirier, FMM, will leave the organization on July 16. We’ll never thank her enough for bringing her passion, knowledge and experience to the office every day. 

Sr. Odile arrived at FI in 2009, after 15 years serving as a social worker in France and three years working as a missionary in the Philippines. She contributed to our common Franciscan vision and mission first in the Geneva office and then in New York. Her presence and work—focusing from sustainable development to climate change to trafficking and animation—in both of FI’s offices sent an important message of unity, strengthening the understanding of Franciscans International as one organization with two offices. 

Sr Odile says of this experience in Geneva and New York, “Nine years ago I arrived to Franciscans International; here I learned how to engage with the United Nations, connecting Catholic Social Teaching and Franciscan values to the UN Human Rights Framework.”

“Contributing to Franciscans International, and bringing my experience working on social issues—such as poverty, discriminations, Indigenous People rights, violence against women—at the international level was a truly enriching mission.”  

“Nevertheless, being part of the Institute of Franciscan Missionary of Mary, I am called to serve elsewhere. I am leaving FI grateful for what I received and joyous for what lies ahead. This mission will always be deeply imprinted in my being and will bear fruit in many different ways.” 
We are most thankful to Sr Odile for her indefatigable effort in bringing Francis and Clare’s values, our values as Franciscans, in front of the decisionmakers, at the United Nations, with our partners, colleagues, and other civil society groups.” 

I wish to also use this occasion to thank Br Christian Leo Seno, OFM for his work as an intern in the past year. His professionalism and dedication in contributing to the outreach towards the Franciscan Family have been outstanding. We can only hope that other young Franciscan brothers and sisters will decide to contribute with their time to this Franciscan mission through this internship scheme.

Finally, I wish to warmly welcome Br Paolo Nicosia TOR to our New York team. Br Paolo is a Franciscan of the Atonement based in New York who will volunteer with FI in the next year.