Franciscans International wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

“What about those who remain home?”

Dear Brothers and Sisters, dear friends, As we celebrate Christmas, we are reminded that the Holy Family itself found safety in Egypt after fleeing the threat of Herold the Great. Today, their experiences are shared by over 68 million people who have been displaced worldwide, often seeking safety from violence and poverty. 

While the Holy Family found refuge, those that remained suffered greatly. Today, migrants and refugees take great risks as they traverse borders and seas. They do so to escape a fate much worse. Many of their friends and families are unable, or unwilling, to leave their homes. 

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, let us not only welcome our migrant and refugee brothers and sisters, but also work toward making the world a safer place for all. 

On behalf of Franciscans International,

Markus Heinze OFM
Executive Director