Lenten Reflections: Social justice and stages of the cross

Sisters and brothers from across the globe came together to explore the different dimensions of their social justice work, the challenges they face, and how we can come together to meet them in a changing world.

With contributions from:

  • Benedict Ayodi OFMCap (Outreach Officer, Franciscans International)
  • Alexandro Rangga OFM (West Papua)
  • Diana Muñoz Alba FMM (Mexico)
  • Joseph Dufe OFMCap (Cameroon)
  • Peter Amendt OFM (Germany)
  • Angelito Cortez OFM (the Philippines)
  • Achieng Anne Celestine FSJ (Kenya)
  • Igor Bastos, Youfra (Brazil)
  • Markus Heinze OFM (Executive Director, Franciscans International)