COVID-19 and Indigenous Peoples

Fact-sheets on UN recommendations and other sources

Our fact-sheets aim to support the work of indigenous activists and human rights defenders working on issues related to Indigenous Peoples. Franciscans International also hopes that they will serve as a tool to become familiar with the vocabulary, design and formulations coming from the different United Nations human rights mechanisms and that they will facilitate advocacy work at the national, regional, and international levels.

Each fact-sheet is dedicated to a different theme and contains a general description of the problem, some general and specific recommendations, and a section dedicated to other authoritative sources related to each issue.

While the recommendations are related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them can be adapted to address human rights situations more generally.

The fact-sheets are also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Q'eqchi, and cover the following topics:

Access to health care and vaccines
General non-discrimination clause
Women and gender-based issues
Access to COVID-19 information
Free, prior and informed consent
Traditional medicine
Water and sanitation
Right to adequate food
Human rights defenders