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We are a Franciscan voice at the United Nations protecting the vulnerable, the forgotten, and our wounded earth through advocacy.

LGBTI Rights & Integrity of HRC: FI Statement

The Human Rights Council's integrity and authority is being threatened by a...

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Multinational Corporations Need to Be Held Accountable to their Human Rights Obligations!

Multinational corporations continue to perpetrate human rights and environmental...

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Democratic Republic of the Congo: End Repression Against Dissident Voices and Ensure Democratic Elections

The Democratic Republic of the Congo finds itself at an important crossroads:...

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Filipino Community Workers Discuss Ways to Empower Those Affected by the Negative Impacts of Mining

The adoption of the Philippines Mining Act in 1995 opened up the proliferation...

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Philippines: Implement Your Indigenous Peoples Rights Act!

The Philippines have been suffering from the consequences of aggressive...

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Migrant Crisis in Central America: Mexico Needs to Protect Migrants in its Territory

The refugee crisis in Central America is serious: it is estimated that 400 000...

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