A Franciscan Voice at the United Nations

Franciscans International stands with some of the world’s most marginalized communities. Together, we use human rights as our tool to advocate for dignity, peace, and environmental justice.

Our Vision

A global community in which

  • the dignity of every person is respected,
  • resources are shared equitably,
  • the environment is sustained, and
  • nations and peoples live in peace.

We support Franciscans and their allies through regional programs that cover:

Our Focus

Our focus and global advocacy are based on the work of Franciscans at the regional and country levels.

  • Equal dignity

    • Amplifying the voices of people experiencing extreme poverty and social injustices.
    • Denouncing policies and practices that cause or contribute to inequalities and marginalization.
  • Peace & human rights

    • Promoting human rights in the prevention and resolution of conflicts.
    • Denouncing policies and practices that drive conflicts and violence.
  • Environmental justice

    • Promoting change to preserve our common home.
    • Denouncing policies and practices that fail to address urgent environmental crises.

Franciscans at the UN

We work with the United Nations in various ways to ensure that the testimonies of Franciscans are heard by the international community.

One of them is to invite sisters and brothers to join us in Geneva or New York.

Our Impact

Driven by the needs of Franciscans at the grassroots, we build bridges between marginalized communities and the United Nations.

  • We bring attention to underreported and urgent situations

  • We hold governments accountable and demand positive change

  • We strengthen the work of Franciscans and other partners at the grassroots

Support Us

You can help Franciscan sisters and brothers across the world to take their struggle to the United Nations. Support our work today with a donation!